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Feeling Saucy?

May 31, 2006 By Allison Avery

We’re guessing, but odds are that in Wisconsin or Ohio, salsa is just salsa. Not so in Texas (surprise!), where folks devote plenty of time figuring out where to find the hottest or mildest around town. We’ll even go so far as to say that many Texans have their own…

Books That Cook

May 31, 2006 By Allison Avery

It’s no wonder restaurateur Cindy Burch ended up in the food business. She had grandmothers in Texas and Alabama whose love for cooking had a profound influence on her. Not to mention that Burch started experimenting with recipes early in life. She found her match when she added some Southwestern…

Texas History 101

Apr 30, 2006 By Allison Avery

As governor, Miriam “Ma” Ferguson pardoned as many as one hundred people a month, but what’s really interesting is how she got to be the first female elected to that office.

Happy Trails

Apr 30, 2006 By Allison Avery

After spending a day exploring Boerne, just outside San Antonio, I realized there is a lot to do in this not-so-sleepy town.