Byron Harris

Business |
August 31, 1991

Red Tape

To drill for oil in Siberia, you have to overcome three things: the cold, the loneliness, and the Soviet bureaucrats.

Feature |
January 1, 1988

Break the Bank!

Don Dixon ran Vernon Savings the way Romans ran orgies, equating excess with success, until his empire collapsed.

Feature |
May 31, 1987

The Party’s Over

In the early eighties, some Dallas savings and loans reaped profits in real estate investments while land was flipped, appraisals were inflated, and property was developed. Now the land deals have flopped, property values are deflated, and there are empty buildings all over town. And some S&Ls are broke.

Feature |
September 30, 1985

The Dream Lives On

Four of the many small high-tech companies betting that they have the excitement, momentum, market, and business savvy to succeed where others have failed.

Business |
August 31, 1983

The Big Con

From his early days in Big Spring, Eugene Anderson wasn’t what he seemed; neither was the mysterious element he later claimed turned water into fuel.