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High Notes

Jun 30, 2007 By Chester Rosson

From Amarillo to Austin, the state’s opera companies are staging top-notch productions for longtime fans and newcomers alike. Aria ready?


Dec 1, 2003 By Chester Rosson

HALLELUJAH It’s too easy to limit your holiday music selection to whatever tune is blaring over the sound system at the mall or another “everyone-join-in” performance of Messiah. We challenge you to expand your repertoire. Excellent Texas choirs affiliated with the Gay and Lesbian Association of Choruses present music celebrating…


Nov 1, 2003 By Chester Rosson

DEAR JOHN November 22, 1963—like September 11, 2001—was a watershed date. On one side lay the optimism of John F. Kennedy’s Camelot, on the other the disillusionment and unrest that followed his assassination. The nation is still fixated on that fateful day—the motorcade through downtown Dallas, the blood on Jackie’s…

Field Notes

May 31, 2003 By Chester Rosson

Ah, the supremely simple pleasure of picking a ripe peach from the tree! Unfortunately, many who are used to this annual rite of summer will be disappointed this year, because a late freeze decimated the Hill Country crop. “We are looking at a 99.999 percent loss,” says James Kamas, of…

A Great Museum Weekend In Houston

Apr 1, 2003 By Chester Rosson

TOUR OF DUTY With two must-see blockbuster touring shows and several one-artist exhibitions in Houston this month, going museum-hopping could prove as tiring as barhopping. Rather than tackle at the outset the dauntingly huge three-hundred-plus-piece “Saint Peter and the Vatican: The Legacy of the Popes” show at the Houston Museum…


Mar 1, 2003 By Chester Rosson

CLIMATE CONTROL In other parts of the world, March may enter as a lion and exit as a lamb. Here, the weather can be lamb-gentle in Dallas and positively leonine in Lubbock—all on the same day. To the uninitiated—and especially children—the vagaries of Texas weather can be scary. But never…

Grand Dames

Mar 1, 2003 By Chester Rosson

International opera divas Susan Graham and Laura Claycomb haven't forgotten their Texas roots. They came back to star in two productions by the Houston Grand Opera.