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Hoof in Mouth

Sep 30, 1993 By Dana Rubin

The biggest brouhaha in Dallas isn’t about taxes, potholes, or garbage collection. It’s about seventy bronze steers.

Power Flower

Apr 1, 1993 By Dana Rubin

Mother Nature made it impossible to grow azaleas in Dallas’ alkaline soil—unless you mulch with money.

The Lake No One Knows

Nov 1, 1992 By Dana Rubin

From longtime locals to environmentalists, everyone has an opinion about the future of Caddo Lake—but the issues they’re debating are as murky as the lake itself.

To Ellum and Back

Jun 30, 1992 By Dana Rubin

The face of Dallas’ most eclectic neighborhood changes every day, but its appeal remains familiar—and it keeps getting stronger.

Courting Costs

Apr 30, 1992 By Dana Rubin

When millionaire tennis star Martina Navratilova and her lover went to court, it was the lawyers who won.

Alone With a Ghost

Mar 1, 1992 By Dana Rubin

Carol Collins thought her ex-husband had been killed in Vietnam—until a mysterious photograph reopened old wounds and threw her life into turmoil.

Going by the Book

Jun 30, 1991 By Dana Rubin

Under Jim Hightower, the agriculture department was liberal and loose. Under Rick Perry, it will be corporate and crisp.

Power Switch

Sep 30, 1990 By Dana Rubin

Are customers of the Comanche Peak nuclear plant better off with safety advocate Juanita Ellis on the inside or the outside?

A Soldier’s Secret

Jul 31, 1990 By Dana Rubin

In the farming town of Whitewright, stolen tenth-century illuminated manuscripts and ivory reliquaries weren’t all that Joe Meador had to hide.

The All-American Crooks

Dec 1, 1989 By Dana Rubin

Football players at Dallas’ Carter High had it all: god futures, a state championship, and the feeling that they could do no wrong. The trouble was, their favorite hobbies were guns and holdups.

The Day Leroy Died

Sep 30, 1989 By Dana Rubin

When a small private bank was closed on August 7, depositors lost all of their money, a pillar of the community came tumbling down, and the town’s trusting way of life was shattered.