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A Temple native, David Courtney is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin. He joined Texas Monthly in October 2005 and in July 2007 debuted his wildly popular advice column, the Texanist. In January 2010 the Texanist was promoted to the back page where it is regularly the magazine’s most read feature. Courtney, as both “the Texanist” and himself, has contributed his talents to such features as the annual Bum Steer Awards, the quinquennial review of the fifty best barbecue joints in Texas, “The Great Terquasquicentennial Road Trip,” “The 50 Greatest Hamburgers in Texas,” “The 40 Best Small-Town Cafes,” as well as “Snap Judgment” and “The Texanist’s Parenting Quiz,” among others, like “Water, Water Everywhere,” for which he swam buck-naked in Lake Travis, west of Austin. He will be the recipient of many accolades, honors, and awards.

Articles by David Courtney

The Texanist

Jan 20, 2013 By David Courtney

A fond look back at Temple, a.k.a. Ratsville and/or Tanglefoot, that fair burg wherein your dedicated advice columnist learned the location of the thin line between right and wrong.

The Texanist

Jan 20, 2013 By David Courtney

Vegetarian offspring, a barroom dispute, maintaining the “Texas identity,” and whether anything can be done to cure a marriage-threatening case of snoring.

The Texanist

Jan 20, 2013 By David Courtney

The trouble with black beans, an unnatural attachment to Texas license plates, the perils of striking up a conversation in the restroom, and the discomfort of two men riding together on the same Harley.

texanist burial
The Texanist

Jan 20, 2013 By David Courtney

Is it legal to be buried on my own property? Illustration by Jack Unruh Q: My wife and I are working toward finally buying some property in Washington County to retire on and have a place for the kids and grandkids to come and enjoy…

texanist crazy water
The Texanist

Jan 1, 2013 By David Courtney

Is the secret to good healthy actually “Crazy Water”? Illustration by Jack Unruh Q: I am a Texan of advanced age who is hearing all the clamor surrounding health care. I grew up in Mineral Wells, drinking the famed water they merchandise, and I enjoy great…

texanist taxidermy
The Texanist

Dec 1, 2012 By David Courtney

My husband wants to taxidermy our dog when he goes to that big yard in the sky. I don’t. Can I convince him this is wrong? Illustration by Jack Unruh Q: Our family dog is getting on in age, and my husband and I have begun…

The Texanist

Oct 31, 2012 By David Courtney

What’s the etiquette of political yard signs? Illustration by Jack Unruh Q: My housemate and I have very different political leanings, but we’ve never let this get in the way of our friendship. We have an agree-to-disagree policy. Then, without any discussion, she put a…

texanist nude sunbathing
Offering Fine Advice Since 2007

Sep 30, 2011 By David Courtney

How do I explain topless sunbathing in Austin to my children? Illustration by Jack Unruh Q: I was in Austin visiting my brother recently, and he took me and my kids, a nine-year-old girl and a ten-year-old boy, to Barton Springs Pool to go…

The Texanist’s Favorite Road Food

Jul 31, 2010 By David Courtney

As anyone who has eaten too many heat-lamp hot dogs smothered in pump chili knows, the foodstuff consumed on the way to your destination can be one of the horrors of the trip. To help guide your gastronomic ramblings this summer, we asked our advice columnist for his five snacks.

Bright Skies, Big Shell

May 31, 2009 By David Courtney

Location: Padre Island National Seashore What You’ll Need: Sleeping bag, marshmallow-roasting stick Summer is not endless, and neither is the Padre Island National Seashore. But its 67.5-mile length is more than half of the whole of Padre Island, the world’s longest barrier island. And with that…