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Riffs on Roy

Apr 30, 1996 By Doug Ramsey

Oak Cliff native Roy Hargrove may not have the depth and seasoning of Wynton Marsalis, but the 26-year-old prodigy could still be one of the great jazz trumpeters of our day.

Good Vibes

May 31, 1987 By Doug Ramsey

Vibraharpist Charlie Shoemake keeps so busy in L.A. that he seldom strays back to his home state. Fortunately, we can hear him on new recordings.

Treasure from the Vault

May 31, 1986 By Doug Ramsey

New releases of Duke Ellington’s work give us exquisite music from small bands, a dance band having fun, and stereo recording twenty years before its time.

Swinging With Zoot

Aug 31, 1985 By Doug Ramsey

From the moment tenor saxophonist Zoot Sims sounded his first note to just before his death four decades later, he performed with irresistible spirit and intensity.

Just One of Those Things

May 31, 1985 By Doug Ramsey

Jazz singers defy definition. They may scat, or they may not; they may be veterans or newcomers; they may decline the label of jazz singer. But their music always gives them away.

Lingering Blues

Apr 1, 1985 By Doug Ramsey

John Hardee and Budd Johnson were two legendary Texas tenors who had their own ways of making peace with the rigors of the jazz life.

Getting Mellow

Jun 30, 1984 By Doug Ramsey

In the sixties the fee-jazz movement produced music that was defiantly experimental, and the same artists are still playing some of the most stimulating jazz around.

Back in the Mood

Mar 1, 1984 By Doug Ramsey

A definitive Smithsonian Recordings collection sets a new standard for big band anthologies; other big band recordings prove that swing remains vibrantly alive.

Unabridged Webster

Jan 1, 1984 By Doug Ramsey

You may not have heard saxman Ben Webster when he was around, but his recordings with Duke Ellington, Benny Carter, and Gerry Mulligan are a treasure trove not to be missed.

Jazz in Camouflage

Jun 30, 1983 By Doug Ramsey

The music of tenor saxman John Handy is rooted in Texas and the blues, and he uses his distinctive sound to lure more listeners to jazz.

Down with Compromise

Apr 1, 1983 By Doug Ramsey

Freddie Hubbard’s attempts to play pop music have been disastrous. But when he tackles a pure mainstream sound, he shows what jazz trumpeting is all about.

The Kid Is Blowing Them Away

Jun 30, 1982 By Doug Ramsey

In the footsteps of Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, and other trumpet greats comes twenty-year-old Wynton Marsalis. Judging by their latest albums, Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter, and fellow veterans are doing all right too.

Jazz Mastered

Apr 1, 1982 By Doug Ramsey

The greatness of Paul Desmond, the staying power of Art Blakey, the de-fusion of Stan Gertz--all these are on record, and more.

Ambassadors of Jazz

Mar 1, 1981 By Doug Ramsey

The late Lester Young is a past president of jazz, and his music still holds sway. Albums by other musicians get votes of confidence, too.

Prince Albert

Sep 30, 1980 By Doug Ramsey

Although Don Albert’s music was a mainstay of the forties, his obstinate stand against racism put him years ahead of his time.

Breeden Ground

Jun 30, 1979 By Doug Ramsey

Leon Breeden’s jazz students at North Texas State University are already pros, and they have recorded two new albums to prove it.