Doug Ramsey

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Jazz Mastered

Apr 1, 1982 By Doug Ramsey

The greatness of Paul Desmond, the staying power of Art Blakey, the de-fusion of Stan Gertz--all these are on record, and more.

Ambassadors of Jazz

Mar 1, 1981 By Doug Ramsey

The late Lester Young is a past president of jazz, and his music still holds sway. Albums by other musicians get votes of confidence, too.

Prince Albert

Sep 30, 1980 By Doug Ramsey

Although Don Albert’s music was a mainstay of the forties, his obstinate stand against racism put him years ahead of his time.

Breeden Ground

Jun 30, 1979 By Doug Ramsey

Leon Breeden’s jazz students at North Texas State University are already pros, and they have recorded two new albums to prove it.