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Unhappy Trails

Feb 1, 2000 By Ellise Pierce

Although they hate to let anyone get away with murder, Harris County detectives Harry Fikaris and Roger Wedgeworth are finding that cracking unsolved cases is no easy task.

Peri, Trouper

Sep 30, 1996 By Ellise Pierce

Waco, Houston, Dallas, Austin, London, New York, Hollywood: Peri Gilpin was all over the map before finding stardom on NBC�s hit sitcom Frasier.

Ryan Shams

Aug 31, 1996 By Ellise Pierce

When he took up fencing as a seventh-grader at St. Mark’s School of Texas in Dallas to satisfy his physical education requirement, Ryan Shams informed his mother that he intended to master the sport—and he would not be foiled. At sixteen, after dueling for several hours a day at Dallas’…

Cheril Santini

May 31, 1996 By Ellise Pierce

MAKING A SPLASH—so to speak—is what Cheril Santini does best. As a member of Southern Methodist University’s diving team in the early nineties, the Dallas native made All-American ten times, was a finalist for NCAA woman of the year, and was named one of the nation’s top ten college women…

Arlo Eisenberg

Apr 30, 1996 By Ellise Pierce

When he left the University of Texas at Austin in 1993 with a broken ankle, a backpack, and a one-way ticket to Los Angeles, Arlo Eisenberg had no intention of becoming a big wheel—he just wanted to skate. Yet within three months, the Dallas native was performing with Team Rollerblade,…