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Act II

Apr 30, 1993 By Emily Yoffe

After years of being alternately judged a great playwright and a great disappointment, Edward Albee has found his footing in Houston, where he teaches, socializes, and gets star treatment.

The Bush League

Mar 1, 1989 By Emily Yoffe

In George Bush’s Cabinet, Texans are crawling out of the woodwork. Read about their pasts, their pets, their secret passions.

The Ants From Hell

Jul 31, 1988 By Emily Yoffe

Fire ants are on the relentless march across Texas, maiming, devouring, and stinging the living daylights out of everything in their path. We’ve tried to stop them, and it has only made them stronger.

The Deadly Doctor

Apr 1, 1987 By Emily Yoffe

As a medical student, Deborah Spiva was at the top of her class. As a researcher, she did experiments that came out perfectly. As a physician, she was known for treating patients with rare diseases. She was too good to be true.

Making It In the Bust

Dec 1, 1986 By Emily Yoffe

At a time when Texas seems to have lost its gift for creating fortunes, there has emerged a group of entrepreneurs who are making money by catering to the needs of people who are going broke.

Famous Fixers

Dec 1, 1986 By Emily Yoffe

They have done it all: saved New York City and Massachusetts, written economic classics, created new companies, and turned old ones around. Now, at our request, they’re fixing Texas.

Against the Grain

Dec 1, 1986 By Emily Yoffe

One school of though holds that when the economy is in a nosedive, that’s the time to go into business. At lease that’s what a farmer, an oilman, a developer, and a banker believe.

Advice From the Experts

Dec 1, 1986 By Emily Yoffe

We gave a bunch of smart Texans $50,000. (Okay, we didn’t really, we just said we did.) The money comes with these strings attached: it has to be invested in Texas now, and the investments have to pay off by 1996.

Hate Thy Neighbor

May 31, 1986 By Emily Yoffe

A look at Houston’s Meyerland, Dallas’ Munger Place, El Paso’s Sunset Heights, and Austin’s Hyde Park shows that few fights get the blood boiling like a good fight with a neighbor.