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Evan Smith is the CEO and editor in chief of the Texas Tribune. Previously he spent nearly 18 years at Texas Monthly, stepping down in August 2009 as the magazine’s president and editor in chief. He previously served as editor for more than eight years—only the third person to hold that title. On his watch, Texas Monthly was nominated for 16 National Magazine Awards, the magazine industry’s equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize, and twice was awarded the National Magazine Award for General Excellence. For eight years, he hosted the Lone Star Emmy Award-winning weekly interview program Texas Monthly Talks, which aired on PBS stations statewide. He currently hosts Overheard With Evan Smith, airing on PBS stations nationally. A New York native, he has a bachelor’s degree in public policy from Hamilton College and a master’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University.

Articles by Evan Smith

Red McCombs

Sep 30, 2005 By Evan Smith

“I’ve had my failures and my mistakes. I don’t dwell on them. So I don’t have anything dragging me down at any given time.”

Anita Perry

Aug 31, 2005 By Evan Smith

“He’s probably stronger now than when we were younger, but I’ve changed that same way. And we’ve probably gotten more conservative as we’ve gotten older.”

Boone Pickens

May 31, 2005 By Evan Smith

“The record’s clean. I’m sure that I haven’t done everything that everyone would like me to do. But I’ve never hurt anybody.”

Liz Smith

Apr 30, 2005 By Evan Smith

“Nobody doing what I’m doing is important anymore. Not in the way Winchell, Kilgallen, Hedda, and Louella were important.”

John Mackey

Mar 1, 2005 By Evan Smith

“I used to resent the fact that people romanticize Whole Foods. I always wanted to shake them and say, ‘Gosh, we’re just a grocery store!’ ”

Marsha Sharp

Feb 1, 2005 By Evan Smith

“A lot of people are perfect fits for universities. I’m a perfect fit for Texas Tech. I understand West Texas. I am West Texas.”

Ben Barnes

Jan 1, 2005 By Evan Smith

“There’s not anything that’s happened since Election Day that proves to me that Bush is going to be moderate at all.”

Gordon Bethune

Dec 1, 2004 By Evan Smith

“It isn’t about cheap. You can make a pizza so cheap nobody will eat it. You can make an airline so cheap nobody will fly it. It’s about the product.”

Kay Bailey Hutchison

Nov 1, 2004 By Evan Smith

“Texas is a huge, growing state on a border. We have some very basic issues that need addressing, and I don’t think they’re being addressed right now.”

Mike Judge

Sep 30, 2004 By Evan Smith

“You can’t make all of TV and movies kid-safe. If you do, we’re all going to be watching the Care Bears. I think there should be things that are just for adults.”

Larry McMurtry

Aug 31, 2004 By Evan Smith

“I like to go out at night. I like to sit in a nice room and look at beautiful women. I don't want to just sit on my back porch drinking scotch, and there isn’t much more to do in Archer City.”

David Carr

Jul 31, 2004 By Evan Smith

“We’re a real NFL football team, and we can go out and make plays. We have talent. We can beat teams. It’s not a fluke if we beat the Cowboys.”

Susan Combs

Jun 30, 2004 By Evan Smith

“Billy can go to a 7-Eleven and buy a soft drink and must pay sales tax, but Billy goes to school, buys a soft drink, and pays no sales tax.”

Bill Moyers

May 31, 2004 By Evan Smith

“War is always a great reinforcer of secrecy, but a war on terror is the most insidious threat to openness—you can always claim, without having to explain why, that something can't be public.”

Michael Dell

Apr 30, 2004 By Evan Smith

The 39-year-old computer mogul on stepping down as CEO of the company he founded, why he doesn’t play footsie with the press (hey!), and the product line he should have launched years ago.


Jan 1, 2004 By Evan Smith

THE DEFENSE NEVER RESTS Harvard law professor and criminal-defense attorney Alan Dershowitz, whose list of clients has included Patty Hearst, Michael Milken, Jim Bakker, Mike Tyson, and O. J. Simpson, will be speaking in Austin on January 15. There seem to be a lot of high-profile cases going on all…

Barbara Bush

Nov 1, 2003 By Evan Smith

The former first lady on her new book, how she writes— and why she never liked Alice in Wonderland.

Anchor Away

Nov 1, 2003 By Evan Smith

What Walter Cronkite really thinks about cable TV shoutfests, the length of network newscasts, and (ahem) Jayson Blair.

San Diego, California

Jul 31, 2003 By Evan Smith

AFTER WHAT MY DAUGHTER STERNLY reminds me are almost but not quite six and a half years of parenting, I have a few rules for taking the family away for the weekend: First, fly direct (because, these days, having to make a connection is an agita-inducing proposition). Second, spend no…

George H.W. Bush
FLFW Will See You Now

Jun 30, 2003 By Evan Smith

In a rare interview, George H.W. Bush—a.k.a. the Former Leader of the Free World—disses Newt and the Dixie Chicks, muses on the restorative powers of Maine, and (who'd have imagined?) has nice things to say about the current occupant of the Oval Office.

Straight Talk

Apr 30, 2003 By Evan Smith

ENTER LAUGHING On May 19 actor-director Carl Reiner, who created the Emmy award-winning series The Dick Van Dyke Show, will interview Neil Simon for the debut of the Brinker International Lecture Series, in Dallas. What’s the difference between the comedy of your day and the comedy of today?…

Straight Talk

Apr 1, 2003 By Evan Smith

ALL THE WAY WITH LBJ Author Robert Caro, whose tome on Lyndon Johnson’s legislative years, Master of the Senate, won the 2002 National Book Award, will be speaking at Arts and Letters Live, in Dallas, on April 4. Rumor has it that you and your wife will be moving…

Straight Talk

Feb 1, 2003 By Evan Smith

PROUD MARY MARY MATALIN, until recently a counselor to Vice President Dick Cheney, and her husband, political commentator James Carville, will speak at the George Bush Presidential Library Center, in College Station, February 28. You’ve now worked in the administrations of two presidents with wives who are Texas women.

Straight Talk

Jan 1, 2003 By Evan Smith

THE CABLE GUY Conservative political columnist Robert Novak, the co-host of CNN’s Crossfire, will speak at the University of Texas at Tyler’s R. Don Cowan Fine and Performing Arts Center on January 30. You’ve cultivated this image of yourself as tough, even mean, but everyone I know in Washington says…

Straight Talk

Apr 1, 2002 By Evan Smith

Nanu, Nanu Academy award- winning actor and comedian Robin Williams brings his first one-man show in fifteen years to the University of Texas at Austin’s Performing Arts Center on April 9, the Music Hall at Fair Park in Dallas on April 10, and the Verizon Wireless Theater in Houston on…

Straight Talk

Feb 1, 2002 By Evan Smith

Funny girl Janeane Garofalo, the actress and stand-up comedienne, plays the Empire Theatre in San Antonio on February 1 and the Paramount Theatre in Austin on February 2. You spent some time growing up in Houston, didn’t you? We were there on and off starting in the early seventies.