Geoff Winningham

Feature |
February 1, 1994

The Guns Of Huejotzingo

On the three days before Lent, amid clouds of smoke and the sounds of musket fire, this tiny town is the site of Mexico’s most chaotic carnival.

Feature |
September 30, 1986

Beyond Halloween

On the Day of the Dead, Mexicans mock death with candy skulls and papier-mache coffins. But in the darkness of a graveside vigil, the mockery gives way to tears.

Feature |
September 30, 1983

Football, Game of Life

When two high schools in Beaumont-one white, one black-were ordered to merge last fall, the outraged town watched as the drama of integration was played out on the football field.

Feature |
January 1, 1980

Elegant Fossils

Once Texas was a land of fabulous, ornate county courthouses. It still is, but today they’re flamboyant relics in our streamlined urban landscapes.