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We the People…

Jan 1, 1974 By Griffin Smith Jr.

When we write a constitution for the first time in almost 100 years, everyone wants a piece of the pie. In spite of it all, the new draft turned out to be an improvement. Now it's the legislature's turn.

Empires of Paper

Nov 1, 1973 By Griffin Smith Jr.

A law firm of almost 200 attorneys becomes an institution with massive power and life of its own. Three such firms are in Texas, including two of the four largest in the U.S. We open them, for the first time, to the public.


May 31, 1973 By Griffin Smith Jr.

Cute Toot-Toot Amtrak notwithstanding, countless unfulfilled railroad buffs still reside in Texas. For these unsatiated appetites, a genuine “little railroad that could” still makes daily runs in East Texas. The Moscow, Camden & San Augustine Railroad was begun in 1927 as passenger service between the sawmill town of Camden and…


Apr 30, 1973 By Griffin Smith Jr.

Comic Relief The 1970’s have Peanuts, the 1860’s had Dickens’ latest novel, but in the 1920’s and ’30’s nothing could quite match the goings-on in Krazy Kat, George Herriman’s celebrated comic strip. Millions of inveterate fans (including President Woodrow Wilson) followed the daily adventures of the noble-minded, simple-minded Kat,…


Apr 1, 1973 By Griffin Smith Jr.

Hello, Columbus TWO EGGS. A PATTIE OF HOMEMADE sausage as big as a hamburger. Three large homemade biscuits. Grits. All the butter and jelly you want. Coffee. Add up the bill for that breakfast, if you could even order it, at The Holiday Inn, Nickerson Farms or any of a…


Mar 1, 1973 By Griffin Smith Jr.

Revolting Films If you liked Che Guevara, you’ll love the Third World Film Series being shown at the University of Texas in Austin. There is nothing Hollywood about these films, and their technique leaves something to be desired; but if you want to know what filmmakers from the Third World…

Briar Patch

Mar 1, 1973 By Griffin Smith Jr., Dave McNeely and Beverly Lowry

THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES PERSONALS—SEVEN-STORY BUILDING ON well-traveled Dallas corner. Within easy walking distance of County Courthouse, John F. Kennedy Memorial, Dealey Plaza. Once used to store books; now empty. Has potential for use as historical museum, or can be torn down and land converted to other use. Need advice…