Harry Hurt III

Harry Hurt III is an award-winning investigative journalist and former New York Times columnist. He is the author of seven nonfiction
books, including the best-selling Texas Rich, the saga of the H.L. Hunt family oil and silver dynasty. He has contributed articles on crime, business, and other topics to Esquire, Fortune, Newsweek, Texas Monthly, Self, Playboy, and Sports Illustrated and appeared in television, video, and webcasts on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNBC, Yahoo News,, and elsewhere.

Feature |
January 21, 2013

Larry Hagman’s Curtain Call

As the man known to the world as Dallas's J. R. Ewing fends off throat cancer, he gears up to reprise the role that turned him into an icon and looks back on one of the most extraordinary—and eccentric—lives in show business.

Sports |
May 31, 1996

The Rites of Swing

It doesn’t matter that his most famous pupil was shark- bitten at the Masters. Butch Harmon is still Texas’ hottest golf pro since Harvey Penick.

Feature |
February 1, 1986

A Trust Corrupted, A City Betrayed, Part One

The Hermann estate scandal exposed Houston’s most powerful deal makers, most respected philanthropists, and leading lawyers to the harsh glare of publicity. It was a shocking lesson in the abuses of power.

Feature |
January 1, 1985

Towers of Power

So. Ralph Sampson listens to Grover Washington and Akeem Olajuwon craves Chinese food. Now you know.

Reporter |
December 1, 1984

Texas Monthly Reporter

Kung’s underground hideaway; Dallas’ Cadillac wars; the Panhandle’s art terrorists; Houston’s poet-laureate; Austin’s airport quandary.

Feature |
September 30, 1984

Feasting on the Oil Glut

So you think that OPEC controls the price oil and that the glut is hurting everybody in the oil business? Wrong. Traders on the international spot market are pulling the strings and getting rich in the process.

Feature |
April 1, 1984

Birth of a New Frontier

Hundreds of new computer companies have made Texas the likely successor to California’s Silicon Valley, and it all started with two firms in Dallas.

Reporter |
February 1, 1984

Texas Monthly Reporter

Great expectations for oilmen; sartorial bargains for Brownsville; a medical controversy for Alpine; vexing questions for hunters; the ultimate who’s who for chickens.

Feature |
April 1, 1983

Hell on Wheels

In which John Howard, our toughest athlete, goes after a world bicycle record and hopes America will care.

Business |
December 1, 1981

Oscar’s Follie

Coastal Corporation’s mastermind, Oscar Wyatt, keeps everyone guessing these days—from the IRS to society columnists to stock analysts.

Feature |
September 30, 1981

I Have a Scheme

Andrew Jefferson was on his way up in the judicial system. Larry Cager was a rising star in the Houston Area Urban League. Together they were giving the city’s black population the leadership it had always needed. And then along came trouble.

Feature |
July 31, 1980

How to Become a Billionaire

H. L. Hunt not only left his sons with a few hundred million dollars each to carry them through life but he also taught them the Five Commandments that had made him rich.

Feature |
June 30, 1978

Brave New Vacancies

Give us your tired and freezing Yankees, tour studious Arabs, tour ambitious young hustlers just blown into town, and we will rent them one bedroom and a bath for $215.