Helen Thorpe

Articles by Helen Thorpe

The Outer Limits

Jul 31, 1995 By Helen Thorpe

Combining the latest technology with an old-fashioned passion for her work, Austin astronomer Anita Cochran redefined the solar system. Now her star is on the rise.

Roe v. World

Jun 30, 1995 By Helen Thorpe

Twenty-five years after Norma McCorvey joined the flight to legalize abortion, the battle is still raging—and so is she.

Drug War!

Apr 1, 1995 By Helen Thorpe

How a small Houston biotech company and a giant California-based rival are battling over who developed what may be a revolutionary cure for asthma and allergies.

Is MCC Obsolete?

Jan 1, 1995 By Helen Thorpe

Twelve years and hundreds of millions of dollars later, the vaunted Austin high-tech consortium is still struggling to find its purpose.