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Briar Patch

Jun 30, 1973 By Dave McNeely, Jamie Frucht and joanfilvaroff

TUBAL LIBATIONS FORMALS WORN BRALESS. SMILES GOING the full count. ‘Hair done’ and flown in for the occasion. Rosalind Russell doing an inspired Bert Parks. What more could a mother of four or a young career girl or a grandma want? All of us females were glued to the…

Briar Patch

Apr 30, 1973 By Jan Reid and Jamie Frucht

THE GETAWAY THAT DIDN’T LAST ON A COOL EVENING IN late spring, Mark Jones and Francisco Perez entered Joseph’s Foodliner, a small market in northwest San Antonio specializing in homemade egg rolls (4 for a dollar) and fresh Chinese snow peas. Young, longhaired, bearded, they had apparently charted an ambitious…

Briar Patch

Apr 1, 1973 By Gregory Curtis and Jamie Frucht

IF FORTUNE MAKES STRANGE BEDFELLOWS, the fortunes of death make the strangest of all. In the state cemetery in Austin, J. Frank Dobie, Ma and Pa Ferguson, and Big Foot Wallace lie within a 30-yard radius of one another. Their graves are near the top of a small hill which…