Jan Morris

Feature |
June 30, 1986


To Texan’s, it’s the border. To Mexicans, it’s la frontera. It’s a hot, dazzling world where cultures clash and you’re never sure just where you stand.

Books |
May 31, 1985

Going Whole Hog

Larry McMurtry’s grand epic, Lonesome Dove, opens with blue snake-eating pigs and goes on to describe unflinchingly the settlement of the American West. Mark Singer’s Funny Money examines the biggest bank failure in U.S. history.

Feature |
December 1, 1982


If you want to see the real Texas, don’t take the interstate.

Feature |
September 30, 1981

City of Destiny

An antinuclear neutralist, animal liberationist, Welsh nationalist, aspirant anarchist - and consummate travel writer - spends five full days in Houston, Texas.