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Jeff Winkler's work has appeared in the New Republic, Vice magazine, PlayboyThe Daily Caller, The Awl, the Oxford American, and elsewhere. He has covered gun-toting carpetbaggers, attempted an alcohol enema, and ridden in the country's largest chuckwagon race. He is a college dropout living in Austin. 

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The State of Texas: July 24, 2014

Jul 24, 2014 By Jeff Winkler

Quote of the Day “Drink milk and always eat what your mother tells you.” — Lindale resident Dorris Clements, who just celebrated her one-hundredth birthday, on the secret to longevity. Image of the Day The man below…

The State of Texas: July 18, 2014

Jul 18, 2014 By Jeff Winkler

RIP Legendary, Texas-born blues guitarist Johnny Winter went to that big juke joint in the sky on Wednesday. One of the last great guitarists, Winters style was as unique as his appearance and the seventy-year-old, former heroin addict was on a world tour when he passed. In February,…

The State of Texas: July 11, 2014

Jul 11, 2014 By Jeff Winkler

Photo of the Day ESPN’s Body Issue is out, and one of the six versions features Texas Rangers first baseman Prince Fielder. His naked image has caused a bit of an Internet firestorm. Not because he’s naked (all the featured atheletes are), but because he’s naked. Fielder, who is built like Clydesdale, doesn’t…

The State of Texas: July 2, 2014

Jul 2, 2014 By Jeff Winkler

Texas by the numbers Shameful Record — Number of child abuse and neglect deaths in Texas last year: 156. Number in 2012: 212. Rank among other states: First. Abuse and death of foster children in 2013: ten. Number in 2012: two. Soccer, Y’all — Number of stateside soccer…

The State of Texas: June 23, 2014

Jun 23, 2014 By Jeff Winkler

Slideshow of the day The estate sale of Michael Brown is the weird treasure chest of gifts that just keeps on giving. The latest installment includes full suits of armor and an antelope antler candelabra among the numerous items. Infographic Monday Curious as to how megachurch pastor Joel…

The State of Texas: June 13, 2014

Jun 13, 2014 By Jeff Winkler

Video of the Day George H.W. Bush turned ninety yesterday, and as per his yearly tradition, he went skydiving, paying no mind to the wheelchair that waited for him on the ground. Below is 41 coming in for the landing, taken by his granddaughter Jenna Bush Hager:…

The State of Texas: June 12, 2014

Jun 12, 2014 By Jeff Winkler

RIP Fort Worth-born actress Martha Hyer went to that big scene in the sky on May 31. Hyer was an Oscar nominated actress who worked with the like of Frank Sinatra and Humphrey Bogart, and once she “reportedly once turned down a date request from a young Sen.

The State of Texas: June 4, 2014

Jun 4, 2014 By Jeff Winkler

Video of the Day The season finale of PBS’s The Daytripper—”destinations in Texas for Texans”—has host Chet Garner skimming around the town of Orange. Texas by The numbers El Paso Horno — Temperature in El Paso on Monday: 104 degrees. Previous high, in 2011: 102 degrees. Temperature…