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The Lighter Side of the Lege

Jun 30, 1997 By Jen Scoville

Now that the 75th session of the Texas Legislature has officially come to a close, we constituents are left to reflect on some serious key issues — questions of abortion notification, property taxes, water quality, electric deregulation, and the zero tolerance laws concerning teen smoking and drinking — until the…

On the Menu: Wildfire

Nov 1, 1986 By Jen Scoville

It’s probably not fitting to call Georgetown a small town anymore. With incredible growth brought on by development in north Austin and Round Rock, a considerable university population and a burgeoning cultural scene, it’s hardly Mayberry, USA. But it does have a town square, a lunch counter, a historic…

On the Menu: Johnny B’s Old Fashioned Soda Fountain

Nov 1, 1985 By Jen Scoville

IT WASN’T BECAUSE I was touring West Texas that I ate a cheeseburger for breakfast. It was after stumbling upon Johnny B’s for lunch the day before. Never mind the open sky and distant mesas, the cheeseburger at this inviting luncheonette was all I could envision. Open only since November…

On the Menu: Nero’s Italian

May 31, 1985 By Jen Scoville

DESPITE ITS LOCATION on Dallas’ trendy restaurant row, Nero’s has a tucked-in feel reminiscent of the kind of cozy Italian place one might find downtown in New York City or scattered throughout Boston’s North End. Dark and atmospheric inside, strings of tiny white tea lights hang haphazardly from the vintage…

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Texcentric Cinema

Dec 31, 1969 By Jen Scoville

If one wanted to travel to New York through film, there’d be obvious roads to take: The Godfather, for one; Scorsese’s Mean Streets and Taxi Driver; Breakfast at Tiffany’s comes to mind too; and of course every Woody Allen picture ever made. These are films in which the city plays…

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Chutin’ The Bull

Dec 31, 1969 By Jen Scoville

“I knew that in order to do this movie right I was going to have to ride a bull myself,” recounts Jeff Fraley, who along with partner Harry Lynch constitutes the two-man team of Trinity Films, an alliance that even in its infancy has proven a passion for seeking out…

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Ghost City, Texas

Dec 31, 1969 By Jen Scoville

The cries of Ana Salazar Esparza rang through the stone walls. She had survived the attack, but her husband Jose Gregorio was killed while manning a cannon lose to where his wife was hidden. Ana watched as her dear young soldier suffered a mortal blow to the side by a…

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Reel Time: The Texas Documentary

Dec 31, 1969 By Jen Scoville

People are interesting (sometimes heroic) and government is bad (sometimes evil). As sweeping a generalization as that may be, it is precisely the kind of Big Truth that is at home in Texas, and valid—if you are to believe the picture of our state that emerges from this hodgepodge…

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Tall Tales, Short Fiction

Dec 31, 1969 By Jen Scoville

LET’S FACE IT, despite a long literary history—one as rich and as varied as that of New York or even Paris—Texas isn’t bookish. How can it be, when its storytellers began as rough-riding myth-makers, outlaws and freedom fighters, cowboys and cattlemen whose larger than life escapades didn’t warrant putting…