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Righting a Wrong

May 31, 2009 By Jena Williams

The 24th amendment prohibiting the poll tax on voters has been formally approved by the state of Texas—more than four decades later.

In Treatment

Apr 30, 2009 By Jena Williams

Diversionary programs such as drug courts, which provide treatment-based alternatives for non-violent criminals to prisons, remain critically underfunded.

The Color of Sustainability

Apr 30, 2009 By Jena Williams

Green has always been associated with money (or that queasy feeling you get on a turbulent airplane ride). But only recently has it become known as a social movement unto itself. There has been such a strong push to “go green” that companies are doing everything they can to go…

Majority Rules?

Feb 1, 2009 By Jena Williams

The two-thirds majority rule has been the foundation of parliamentary procedure in the Texas Senate for centuries. Is all that about to change?