Articles by Jim Atkinson

Texas Monthly Reporter

Sep 30, 1984 By Jim Atkinson

Winners and losers from the Republican convention; a crash course for butlers; biting the bullet in Orange County; the peculiar appeal of the Texas State Guard; a bookie tells his trade secrets.

The Bar Bar

Apr 30, 1983 By Jim Atkinson

It’s a noble institution, especially if you can master all its subtle skills: not being there, the second call, holding forth, and another thing...

The Proving Ground

May 31, 1982 By Jim Atkinson

Probation gives criminals a chance to show society that they can stay straight. Probation officers like Jan Purdom believe the system works.

The Box

Apr 30, 1982 By Jim Atkinson

Used correctly, the polygraph can tell whether or not an accused criminal’s claim that he didn’t do it is true. Too bad the police can’t take that to court.

Cattle Call

Aug 31, 1981 By Jim Atkinson

Trial by jury is a right most people charged with a crime never get to exercise. Instead, they accept a quicker, less risky alternative: the plea bargain.

Lock ‘Em Up

May 31, 1981 By Jim Atkinson

Mandatory sentencing means every felon gets the same sentence for the same crime - and for the rest of us it means a lot of crimes that won’t happen.

Sins of the Fathers

Mar 1, 1981 By Jim Atkinson

Violence within the family tends not to be taken too seriously by the courts. But eventually that violence will burst loose to threaten us all.