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Beyond the Blues

Apr 1, 1989 By Jody Denberg

The unlikely twosome of eccentric rocker Doug Sahm and blues champion Clifford Antone has rescued from obscurity a distinctively rhythmic, indisputably raunchy regional sound.

Who Made the Cut?

Nov 1, 1986 By Jody Denberg

On LPs spurred by the MTV limelight, Timbuk3 blends street beast with witty wordplay, the True Believers combine six-string moxie with striving vocals, and the Tail Gators pack a sonic wallop.

New Music Man

Mar 1, 1985 By Jody Denberg

A producing career, a hit video, a record company, successful sound tracks: Austin’s Patrick Keel is having it all.

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Cut From the Herd

Aug 31, 1984 By Jody Denberg

“Herd It Through the Grapevine,” a new disc anthology, has the top of the pop crop.