John Bloom

John Bloom is an investigative reporter, essayist, and actor who was born in Dallas; raised in Little Rock, Arkansas; and attended Vanderbilt University on a sportswriting scholarship. Bloom began his writing career in Texas, earning two National Magazine Award nominations for Texas Monthly. He was later fired from the Dallas Times-Herald for writing (as “Joe Bob Briggs”) a parody of the then-popular song, “We Are The World.” Joe Bob Briggs began his television career on the Movie Channel, hosting “Joe Bob’s Drive-In Theater” for nine years. During this time, it became TMC’s highest-rated show, earning two ACE award nominations. He hosted TNT’s “Monstervision” program and is currently at work on an autobiographical screenplay.

Articles by John Bloom

Laser Days

Aug 31, 1978 By John Bloom

Lasers have been heralded as the greatest discovery since the computer, but they may be hazardous to your health.

Texas Monthly Reporter

May 31, 1978 By John Bloom

Taking on the Shah of Iran in Beeville; trying to save an eaglet in Waco; juggling sex in Galveston; flipping the switch on nuclear power; and fighting panjic at monstrous DFW Airport.