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Arte and Soul

Apr 30, 1999 By John Davidson

Thirty years ago, Monterrey had no galleries, no museums, and no collectors. Today, it’s an art market that rivals Dallas and Houston.

Every Good Boy Does Fine

Apr 30, 1987 By John Davidson

In the late seventies, celebrated pianist Val Cliburn inexplicably disappeared from public life. No tortured artist in hiding, Cliburn is having the time of his life sitting around his Fort Worth mansion in his bathrobe.

Saul Steinberg and Anne Bass (right) during Dinner with DV Gala Tribute to Diana Vreeland at Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, New York on December 7, 1987.
The Empress of Fort Worth

Feb 1, 1987 By John Davidson

Anne Bass married one of the richest men in America. With his money and her ambition she became an important cultural force in Fort Worth and New York. Life was perfect. Then her husband left her.

Uncivil Wars

Apr 30, 1984 By John Davidson

Civil Wars is armed with first-rate writing; Free Agents is a grab bag of Max Apple’s short fiction; Edisto is a precocious first novel; Group Therapy doesn’t probe deeply enough; Lords of the Earth is yet another Texas oil saga.

A Simple Man

Jun 30, 1981 By John Davidson

Archbishop Patrick Flores acts like a country priest, but he has a tough job: he is the most powerful Catholic clergyman in Texas, and perhaps the most powerful Mexican American as well.