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Texas Monthly Reporter

Sep 30, 1986 By Joseph Nocera

The Harris Count Administration Building isn’t big enough for both Jon Lindsay and Mike Driscoll; Ray Perryman, a reporter’s best friend; a lucky accident brought Ethiopians—and Ethiopian restaurants—to Dallas.

Texas Monthly Reporter

Apr 1, 1986 By Joseph Nocera

Will Shelby Coffey lead the Dallas Times-Herald to victory? Will Muse aficionados ever find happiness aloft again? Will Tommy Pierce keep real-estating and a-rocking?

Why I Hate Lamaze

Apr 30, 1984 By Joseph Nocera

New parents, beware! The only think I got out of my six Lamaze classes was permission to enter the delivery room with my wife.

Texas Monthly Reporter

Apr 1, 1984 By Joseph Nocera

A heated race for the Senate; a leisurely trip to Astrotown; a cool master of Dallas protocol; a steel-industry success story in Seguin.

Death of a Computer

Apr 1, 1984 By Joseph Nocera

Four critical mistakes forced Texas Instruments to pull the plug on the home computer that it had once expected would dominate the market.

Big Oil Paranoia

Mar 1, 1984 By Joseph Nocera and Nicholas Lemann

Robert Sherrill’s Oil Follies of 1979-1980 leaves no detail unremarked in its effort to pin the blame on Big Oil; in Ronnie Dugger’s On Reagan the author is as unbending an ideologue as his subject is.

Fantasy Island

Nov 1, 1983 By Joseph Nocera

It’s a high-rise developer’s dream. Houston’s old guard wants to turn 34 acres of downtown warehouses into an island of classy shops and pricey condos. They thought they had it wired, until Kathy Whitmire was elected mayor.

Oilman Jack Young
The Gambler

Jun 30, 1983 By Joseph Nocera

Jack Young was the eighties’ oil boom in the flesh. Unfortunately, he also personifies the aftermath of the bust.

Oil Rigged

Apr 1, 1983 By Joseph Nocera

The Great Energy Scam purports to uncover the collusion of the feds and the oil companies, but the real scandal is what the author overlooks. Yet another book on killer Ted Bundy sheds no light on his crimes. Roughneck is a rousing look at America’s most radical labor union.

The Four R’s

Dec 1, 1982 By Joseph Nocera

In Corpus Christi’s schools, testing kids is as important as teaching them—which has greatly improved test scores but not the quality of public education.