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Grilled Ribeye

Jan 21, 2013 By June Naylor

The Dish Cutting into a deftly seared, pepper-crusted ribeye to reveal its ruby interior brings a quiver to your hand, perhaps a catch in your throat: You want the moment to last, but you can’t endure the suspense. There’s nothing like that first bite, that tandem brush of satiny…

Fried Chicken

Jan 21, 2013 By June Naylor

The Dish You can identify the smell with your eyes closed: The salty, intoxicating aroma of fried chicken can be mistaken for nothing else. And if you grew up in Texas a generation or more ago, you know the sound, because Sunday dawned with the certainty that around eleven…


Jan 21, 2013 By June Naylor

The Dish Once the migas habit takes hold, once you realize you’re held hostage by thoughts of softly scrambled eggs mingled with crisp tortilla strips and onion, tomato, jalapeño, and cheese, you find that neither the blueberry pancakes nor the eggs Benedict you once loved so dearly can touch…

Stephan Pyles Digs up His Roots at Stampede 66

Oct 30, 2012 By June Naylor

Stephan Pyles After watching Stephan Pyles and eating his food for more years than we want to admit, we know good and well that he never does anything small and subtle. Given that he’s a fifth-generation Texan, proud of his Big Spring upbringing in that understated way that most…