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Before and After

Jan 20, 2013 By Karen Olsson

For some residents of Mount Pleasant, the April 16 immigration raid on the local chicken plant was no more than a segment on the evening news. For others, including many legal residents of the tiny East Texas town, it was the moment everything changed.

Why Are Tortilla Chips So Damn Good?

Aug 31, 2009 By Karen Olsson

Is it the crispiness? The crunchiness? The saltiness? Thankfully, a small cadre of researchers in the Department of Soil and Crop Sciences at Texas A&M has spent much of the past thirty years munching on this question.

Jim Adler, Personal-Injury Lawyer

Jul 31, 2009 By Karen Olsson

Adler, who grew up in Dallas, has been a personal-injury lawyer for 36 years. He is the founder of the Houston law firm Jim S. Adler & Associates and appears in television ads in Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio. I started out doing law enforcement work for the Texas State…

Presidential Detail

May 31, 2009 By Karen Olsson

Location: College Station and Austin What You’ll Need: Pork rinds, Fresca First, a caveat: The exhibits at presidential libraries are to history what the White House press office is to daily news. They burnish rather than analyze their subjects. But what the museum portion of a presidential…

Scenes From a Mall

Mar 1, 2009 By Karen Olsson

It was a gorgeous day at the outlet mall. The sun shone brightly on the Tuscanish facades, on parking lots that an optimist would have called half full, on the strip of patio and water feature called Gondola Park (though its narrow pool was devoid of gondolas), and the pretzel…

No Place Like Home

Apr 30, 2008 By Karen Olsson

Bienvenidos a Farmers Branch, the headline-worthy Dallas suburb where the biggest hard-liner on illegal immigration could soon be known as Mr. Mayor.

The Final Frontier

Mar 31, 2008 By Karen Olsson

Karl Gebhardt and Gary Hill, two astronomers from the University of Texas at Austin, are racing to solve one of the greatest mysteries in science: What is dark energy? How does it work? Can it explain the origins of the universe? There’s only one problem. Dark energy may not actually exist.

Keep Out!

Oct 31, 2007 By Karen Olsson

Which is worse: looking the other way as millions of illegals stream across the border or building an unconscionably expensive and impractical fence that few in the Valley (a) want or (b) believe will make a difference?