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Books That Cook

Jul 31, 2005 By Katherine Sands

Let’s be honest, when planning a party menu, one factors in practicality as much as pleasing the palate. Constant stove-top attention and complicated recipes don’t sit well with the other responsibilities of hosting. Menus depend on such basic considerations as seating, oven space, and how long into the night guests…

Happy Trails
Happy Trails

Apr 30, 2005 By Katherine Sands

Art, History, and Cooking 101—when it comes to a lesson in Hispanic culture, San Antonio gets an A+.

Texas History 101

Apr 1, 2005 By Katherine Sands

The oldest drive in Texas didn’t have any tolls, passing lanes, or shoulders. In fact it wasn’t much of a road at all. The Chisholm and Goodnight-Loving trails were the superhighways of the legendary nineteenth century cattle industry—the pinnacle of a true Texas drive.