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A Wyly Strategy

Jul 31, 2002 By Kathryn Jones

Dallas billionaire Sam Wyly is gearing up for another battle in his war with Computer Associates. This time he may have the firepower to win.

Together at Last

May 31, 2002 By Kathryn Jones

Compaq and Hewlett-Packard have completed the largest merger in the history of the technology industry, but is that good news for Houston and Texas?

Flying Aces

Feb 1, 2002 By Kathryn Jones

September 11 changed the airline industry. It's a good thing that the state's top airlines each have the right guy calling the shots.

Up in the Air

Feb 1, 2002 By Kathryn Jones

Since September 11, Texas' big three airlines—American, Continental, and Southwest—have struggled to survive. Here's their flight plan for the future.

Jim Wright

Aug 31, 2001 By Kathryn Jones

The longtime U.S. Speaker of the House from Fort Worth who personified the Democratic party for decades, Jim Wright has traded the public spotlight for the private life—sort of. He’s mostly stayed out of politics since he resigned in 1989 following allegations that he had used his influence to sell…