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John Carona’s “Ugly Baby”

Apr 22, 2013 By Laura Wright

After more than a dozen amendments toughening regulations on short-term lenders were added to Sen. John Carona's payday lending bill, he referred to his legislation as an "ugly baby" before it passed out of the Senate. But can it make it out of the House?

A Floor Fight Over Payday Lending

Apr 19, 2013 By Laura Wright

Sen. John Carona found his payday lending bill met with more opposition on the Senate floor than he had anticipated Thursday, prompting him to suggest that lobbyists were exercising undue influence over some of his colleagues.

Learning Curve

Feb 15, 2013 By Texas Monthly and Laura Wright

Barbara Cargill, the nominee to head the State Board of Education, talks about curriculum standards, how she would teach evolution, and the number of fossils she owns.