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Keeping Lawsuits “Friendly”

Jan 2, 2014 By Loren Steffy

The oil boom is back, so it stands to reason that other affectations of Oil Patch abundance wouldn’t be far behind. Like the “friendly lawsuit.”

Unlucky Penney

Dec 6, 2013 By Loren Steffy

Over the past few years, J. C. Penney, the venerable department store and the largest retailer based in Texas, has very nearly collapsed. What happened?

The Energy Hunter

Oct 21, 2013 By Loren Steffy

George Mitchell didn’t set out to launch one of the biggest oil and gas rushes in world history—he just wanted to coax some more gas out of an old well near Fort Worth.

Michael Dell’s Victory

Sep 13, 2013 By Loren Steffy

After seven months of wrangling and a shareholder vote that was rescheduled three times, Dell has finally prevailed in his $24.9 billion bid to take his namesake company private.