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Masquerader of The Lost Ark

Jan 20, 2013 By Mark Seal

Who came first—Indiana Jones of Hollywood or Vendyl Jones of Arlington, the archaeologist who has spent years trying to dig up the fabled Ark of the Covenant?

“I Loved the Dapper Bandit”

Aug 31, 1989 By Mark Seal

She was a hooker. He was a race car driver. They fell in love. She moved in. He put on his three-piece suit and went to work. She was always on call. They fought. She moved out. Then she found out that his real job was bank jobs.

The Quidnunc

Jan 1, 1987 By Mark Seal

Celebrating the Day of the Dead with David Byrne; digging for Texas dirt with snoop queen Kitty Kelley; playing nuclear war games in San Antonio.

Dec 1, 1986 By Mark Seal

Keeping up with the Perots; pomp-adoring Charlie Sexton; sewing up the ses-quilt-centennial.