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Spinal Strategists

Apr 30, 1974 By Martha Hume

Vibrating vertebrae is not a disease; it is either a cure or not a cure. Our reporter turned her back to the whole subject.

Abortion in Texas

Feb 28, 1974 By Martha Hume

“I was raped. I guess it was my own fault in a way, but I was passed out when it happened. It was my first time and I didn’t even know what was happening. I still feel bad about that. “I knew I was pregnant and I just couldn’t tell…

Briar Patch

Sep 30, 1973 By Gregory Curtis, Ron White and Martha Hume

MAYBE BABY ABOUT THREE YEARS AGO, DR. Joseph Goldzieher, a researcher at San Antonio’s Southwest Foundation for Research and Education, set out to determine if numerous side effects reported by women using oral contraceptives might be psychological in origin. He recruited 76 women to use as a control group, some…