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The Texpatriates

Jan 20, 2013 By Michael DiLeo

As Sandra Scofield, Shelby Hearon, and Janet Peery are proving, you don’t have to live in Texas to be a Texas writer.

Deer Prudence

Dec 1, 2000 By Michael DiLeo

Back when I was a hippie pacifist in Northern California, I never thought I'd kill an animal for sport. Then I married into a South Texas ranching family, and in time I managed to pull the trigger and bag a buck. My emotions were decidedly mixed, but I knew that I had become a Texan at last.

The Anti-Tiger

Jun 30, 2000 By Michael DiLeo

He’d like to just do it—but for Dallas native Justin Leonard to reclaim his spot in pro golf’s upper echelon, he’ll have to workeven harder than you know who.

Back to the Future

Jun 30, 1999 By Michael DiLeo

Forget the critically panned Instinct, which was “suggested by” his novel Ishmael. Houston’s Daniel Quinn wants you to know what he really thinks about the modern world.

Affairs of State

Nov 1, 1996 By Michael DiLeo

Mónica García Velásquez, the first female mayor of Nuevo Laredo, is smart, poised, and articulate, especially when it comes to dismissing rumors about her love life.