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Roger, Over and Out?

Jul 31, 2000 By Michael Geffner

At 38, Roger Clemens, the greatest pitcher ever to emerge from Texas, is no longer carving up the American League like he used to. Is the Rocket about to flame out?

The Shootist

Jan 1, 2000 By Michael Geffner

Dick Lane got to be the best pool player in Texas history by tirelessly honing his technique. Now he wants to improve the sport he loves—but it's a long shot.

The Coach’s Son

Jul 31, 1998 By Michael Geffner

For years Houston native Chuck Knoblauch took his cues from his high school baseball coach, who also happened to be his father. Then Alzheimer’s disease changed their relationship forever.

Diamond In The Rough

May 31, 1998 By Michael Geffner

To say he’s the strong, silent type is something of an understatement. Unlike most baseball stars, Texas Ranger Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez is all action and no talk—and that makes him one of the game’s real gems.

Life of Wiley

Jan 1, 1998 By Michael Geffner

At his pool hall near White Rock Lake, on bar tables across the country, and at professional tournaments around the world, Carson “CJ” Wiley earns his keep by ramming balls into pockets. It’s that simple.

Major Minor

Jul 31, 1997 By Michael Geffner

Jimmie Lee Solomon went from working a small Texas ranch to running big league baseball’s farm system. Now he may be up for one of the game’s top jobs.


Apr 1, 1997 By Michael Geffner

Whether playing for the luckless Houston Astros, running the world-champion New York Yankees, or confronting racism, Bob Watson has always stepped up to the plate.