Nicholas Lemann

Feature |
July 31, 1984

The Way It’s Going to Be

Turn off the TV. Go fishing. Here’s the inside story of what will happen at the convention, complete with Nancy Reagan’s tacky visit to a bowling alley.

Books |
March 1, 1984

Big Oil Paranoia

Robert Sherrill’s Oil Follies of 1979-1980 leaves no detail unremarked in its effort to pin the blame on Big Oil; in Ronnie Dugger’s On Reagan the author is as unbending an ideologue as his subject is.

Books |
August 31, 1982

The New Dominion

Things are looking good for the Sunbelt, says political prognosticator Kevin P. Phillips. Unfortunately, things are looking bad for America.

Feature |
April 1, 1982

The Architects

Welcome to Houston, the cutting edge of architecture. The local boys are turning a gentlemen’s profession into a business, the stylish out-of-towners are creating a new aesthetic, and neither group is filled with admiration for the other.

Feature |
December 1, 1981

Texas, 1945 Or The Sad Cowboy

In a faraway archive we found the best photographs of Texas ever taken, never befor published in a large group. Together, they show every part of the state as it entered the modern age. And each one has a story behind it.

Feature |
August 31, 1981

Gone To Texas

Thousands of people from the North, broke and out of work, are streaming into the state. This is the true story of two of them who abandoned Detroit for Houston, learned about cockroaches, tacos, and freeways, and finally discovered happiness in broken air conditioners.

Feature |
July 31, 1981

Country Boy

Texas Cities are full of people who grew up in the country - and want everybody they meet to know it.

Feature |
January 1, 1980

Life Got You Down

Don’t despair, learn to Think Positive! Success and happiness are only a seminar, a cassette library, and several hundred dollars away!

Books |
September 30, 1979

The Right Wings

In his new book Tom Wolfe poses this question: were the Mercury astronauts men or monkeys? Thomas Thompson changes his journalistic setting from Houston to the far East to produce a book about an astonishing criminal.

Health |
April 1, 1979

Super Medicine

At the Texas Medical Center the best hospitals, doctors, researchers, and medical technology anywhere in the world have combined to transform doctors from healers into superstars.