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Down But Not Out

Apr 30, 2005 By Patricia Hart

No one thinks the Democrats have a chance of winning the 2006 governor’s race. Which is exactly why you shouldn’t write them off.

Who Might Make It Next Time

Feb 1, 2005 By Paul Burka and Patricia Hart

• Matthew Dowd, 43, and Mark McKinnon, 49, Austin The two Bush campaign veterans have returned to Texas, consultant Dowd to set up his own firm and media guru McKinnon to return to Public Strategies, his old stomping ground. Their political talent and impeccable credentials will have an impact…

Who’s Not On The List

Feb 1, 2005 By Paul Burka and Patricia Hart

• Rick Perry, 54, Austin He’s one of the best campaigners Texas has ever seen, but that’s all that can be said. Beyond the inherent powers of the office, the assets that earn a governor extra clout are an uplifting vision for the future, broad-based popular support, and the…


Apr 30, 2004 By Patricia Hart

For the Republicans under investigation for campaign-finance violations, Sharpstown is the elephant in the room.

Hood Riddance

Mar 1, 2004 By Patricia Hart

How is school finance like a Russian novel? And other questions about the most pressing issue in Texas—and Rick Perry's plan for dealing with it.

The Enforcer

Apr 30, 2003 By Patricia Hart

The name on everyone's lips this legislative session is unknown to most people outside Austin—inside Austin too. But Mike Toomey, the governor's chief of staff, is the most powerful political operative at the Capitol—and the most feared. Just ask his fellow Republicans.