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State Secrets

May 31, 1988 By Patricia Hart

Why Continental isn’t in Love (Field); Clinton Manges takes the horns by the Bullock; tort reform and the good bidness climate; logic in advertising.

Disorder in the Court

Mar 1, 1988 By Patricia Hart

An eleventh-hour filing by two candidates for the state Supreme Court has kicked off a season of judicial campaigning unprecedented in Texas history.

State Secrets

Aug 31, 1987 By Patricia Hart

The new tax bill kicks oil when it’s down; the Houston Chronicle is alive and kicking the Post); the premature end of TranStar: the premature beginning of Jim Mattox.

State Secrets

Jun 30, 1987 By Patricia Hart

Fort Worth factions fight over expanding the zoo; Galvestonians derail a tourist trolley; Mattox’s political plans go awry.

State Secrets

May 31, 1987 By Patricia Hart

Poor school districts strike it rich; nursing homes want more money too; the savings and loans aren’t banking on Bill Clements; a veto for political buttons.

Apr 30, 1987 By Patricia Hart

Hobby may be a Hartbeat from the president; the feds dump nuclear-waste workers on the Panhandle; Cisneros’ future remains rosy; Kath Whitmire’s doesn’t.

State Secrets

Apr 1, 1987 By Patricia Hart

Can the Cotton Bowl survive the SMU scandal? a Mexican American major for Corpus Christi—maybe; the water bureaucrats are up to no dam good.

State Secrets

Mar 1, 1987 By Patricia Hart

A busing controversy at the prison system; the high cost of free rent; the GOP goes to town; a well-known private eye loses his license; rotten eggs at Bentsen’s breakfasts.

State Secrets

Jan 1, 1987 By Patricia Hart

A gloomy prediction for Texas banks; the oil crisis becomes a steel crisis; how Lloyd Bentsen’s new chairmanship can help Texas.