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On the Road

Nov 1, 2002 By Patricia McConnico

BACK TO BASICS Tucked away on a beautiful tree-lined road outside Elm Mott in north central Texas is Homestead Heritage, a pristine little village of sorts where the residents are dedicated to preserving traditional crafts and living off the land. You can sample the fruits of their labors at the…

Books That Cook

Sep 30, 2002 By Patricia McConnico

THIS 450-PAGE COOKBOOK IS LOADED with information—but not visuals. Don’t expect to put this on your coffee table, but do expect to keep it handy when you’re cooking. Put together by Steve Petusevsky and the Whole Foods Market team members, this cookbook is billed as a “guide to natural foods”…


Jul 31, 2002 By Patricia McConnico

ANALYZE THIS Ever wonder how a rat can see in the dark? Well, this month you can attend some eye-popping exhibits around the state that will satisfy even the most inquisitive minds, and you don’t have to have a Ph.D. in biology to appreciate them. “Animal SuperSenses” at Galveston’s Moody…

Word of Mouth

Jun 30, 2002 By Patricia McConnico

ROLL OUT THE BARREL No matter how much you know about wine, Paul Roberts probably knows more. This year, at the tender age of thirty, the wine director of Houston’s Café Annie was named a master sommelier by the American chapter of the Court of Master Sommeliers. Not only is…

Get Out

Jun 30, 2002 By Patricia McConnico

STAR POWER Sure, you can point out the Big Dipper, but did you know that it is an “asterism,” a well-known star pattern that is usually part of a constellation (in this case the constellation is Ursa Major)? If not, this month you can gain a little more knowledge about…

A Great Weekend in Fort Worth

May 31, 2002 By Patricia McConnico

Now Town Rest assured, there’s always plenty to see and do in Fort Worth. While mainstays like the Stockyards National Historic District and Sundance Square are sure to amuse, the weekend of June 7-9 promises to impress with charms of its own. On Friday head out to Maverick Stadium at…


Apr 30, 2002 By Patricia McConnico

All the Right Moves For someone who grew up studying classical ballet, modern dance seems foreign to me. Where are the outward foot positions? The high jumps? Of course, ballet and modern share some of the same principles, and this month you can see moves that reflect both traditions. In…

Road Rules

Apr 30, 2002 By Patricia McConnico

If you need a refresher course on the basic courtesies of driving—both in the city and on the highway—here are ten tips that will keep you in the fast lane.

Happy Trails

Apr 1, 2002 By Patricia McConnico

Rockport is a jewel. Not only does this coastal town offer quaint bed-and-breakfasts but it also offers good restaurants and lovely vistas.

On The Road

Apr 1, 2002 By Patricia McConnico

Top Of The Line We never need an excuse to hop in the car and drive to Round Top, but if we did, the assorted annual spring antiques festivals March 27-April 7 in this east central Texas hamlet would be the perfect reason. Part of the attraction is the chance…

A Great Weekend In Fort Worth

Apr 1, 2002 By Patricia McConnico

Sports Center May I have your attention, please? Fort Worth is the place to be the first weekend in April. For starters, check out Chevy Thunder Days in Sundance Square, a NASCAR celebration with concerts, racing displays, and driver appearances. Of course, you’ll also want to head out to the…

Get Out

Mar 1, 2002 By Patricia McConnico

JUST DO IT It’s springtime. Quit neglecting your New Year’s resolutions and get up off the couch. If it has been a while since you’ve gone out for a run (or taken the stairs), the following events should be a source of motivation to get your blood pumping, whether you…

On The Road

Mar 1, 2002 By Patricia McConnico

NO FEAR OF FRYING In Texas, fried chicken and chicken-fried steak rule. That’s not to say that Texans don’t appreciate grilled seafood or al dente pasta. But you just can’t beat a juicy-on-the-inside, crispy-on-the-outside piece of chicken. At Babe’s Chicken Dinner House in the North Texas town of Roanoke, diners…


Feb 1, 2002 By Patricia McConnico

A GRAND AFFAIR During the Great Depression, a group of friends in Brownsville came up with the idea to boost morale by paying tribute to what their city and their Mexican sister city, Matamoros, had to offer. Sixty-five years later, Charro Days is still rockin’—and still celebrating border culture. Back…