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Jan 1, 2002 By Patricia McConnico

TURNING POINT I like The Nutcracker, but I’m glad the holiday season is over. Don’t get me wrong; the Sugar Plum Fairy—an arduous role that demands an accomplished dancer—always impresses; I’m simply ready for new works, new talent, and new ideas by the start of the new year. Lucky for…

Books That Cook

Jan 1, 2002 By Patricia McConnico

WHEN YOUR LITTLE ONE decides he wants to help you in the kitchen, there’s no need to panic. Corpus Christi—based writer Sandré Moore has put together a cookbook for the whole family. The Fairy Tale Cookbook provides helpful hints along with recipes the kids are sure to love—who could resist…

Eating Smart

Jan 1, 2002 By Patricia McConnico

NO PAIN, NO GAIN You’ve had that one more bite of mashed potatoes, that one more piece of turkey, and that one extra sliver of pie. But, hey, you’re not counting, right? Luckily, on January 1 you can make a fresh start—and, no, that doesn’t have to mean a grapefruit…

On Stage

Dec 1, 2001 By Patricia McConnico

IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE The holidays just wouldn’t seem right without perennial favorites like The Nutcracker, A Christmas Carol, and Miracle on 34th Street. Of course, you know how all those feel-good shows are going to end, so this year we encourage you to expand your repertoire. Check out these…

A Great Week

Sep 30, 2001 By Patricia McConnico

“AND THAT SPELLS ‘DALLAS,’ MY DARLIN’, DARLIN’ DALLAS” In the minds of many folks, Dallas will forever be associated with a hit television show and braggadocio, but Big D is more than simply a place to spot big hair and pay homage to other stereotypes. It’s a wellspring of culture,…

Kim Dawson

Aug 31, 2001 By Patricia McConnico

Perish the thought, but the founder of the largest modeling agency in the Southwest no longer lives and breathes fashion. These days, in fact, when Kim Dawson travels with her husband, George, she doesn’t shop or even note the latest trends. “I figure that’s what I do at home,” says…

Books That Cook

Jul 31, 2001 By Patricia McConnico

I’m not quite sure whether The Texas Cookbook should be called a cookbook or a history book. Mary Faulk Koock of Austin’s Green Pastures tells the story behind almost every recipe, which she says were given to her by friends and patrons. She sweeps through the state, defining areas and…

Books That Cook

Jun 30, 2001 By Patricia McConnico

The goal of every Junior League is to awaken its members to the community in which they live, to provide avenues and training for volunteer service, and to encourage lifelong participation in community affairs. The statement above appears in the forward of the Houston Junior League Cook Book: Favorite Recipes,…

Around the State

May 31, 2001 By Patricia McConnico, Eileen Schwartz and Katy Vine

Dame Edna dresses up Houston; three new travel guides throw the book at Texas; a Flock of Seagulls (and other eighties acts you thought were lost at sea) return to Houston; and regional theater takes a bow in Austin, Fort Worth, and Waco.

Mar 1, 2001 By Patricia McConnico, Eileen Schwartz and Katy Vine

With stars ranging from Willie Nelson to Tommy Lee Jones, an Austin awards show gets top billing. Plus: The North Texas Irish Festival harps on its success; Houston has a weekend perfect for the kids; El Paso packs the house for the Siglo de Oro; and Dallas' Meadows Museum has visions of Spain.