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Gerald Hines

Aug 31, 2000 By Patricia McConnico

I’m motivated by the excitement of constructing an outstanding quality building. I enjoy building, and I think the main thing is that you want to go into something that you really enjoy, that you can’t wait to get up in the morning to do. Then you will be successful. It…

Gordon Bethune

Jun 30, 2000 By Patricia McConnico

I was in the Navy, and by default, I got promoted to petty officer second class. I supervised the second shift, which worked from seven at night to seven in the morning. We were airplane mechanics, but I was in charge. I had to get these other eight guys to…

How I Made It
Katherine Hammer

May 31, 2000 By Patricia McConnico

I didn’t really get academia. I liked teaching, but I wasn’t a good scholar. I like to connect a lot of different things and drive a strategy, and that’s not what most scholarship is about. Most scholarship is about having absolute depth in one or two areas and pushing…

Charles Barsotti

Apr 1, 2000 By Patricia McConnico

I was born in San Marcos at my grandmother’s house in 1933, but I grew up in San Antonio. I did most of the kid stuff you do when you grow up in Texas, like play sandlot baseball. I read all the comics — Li’l Abner, Captain Marvel, and all…

Michael Nesmith

Nov 1, 1999 By Patricia McConnico

I knew what I wanted to do when I was four years old in nursery school and stood on a chair and pretended that I was directing an orchestra. When I was around nineteen, I was playing guitar and decided that I wanted to be a folksinger. But the problem…

Rip Torn

May 31, 1999 By Patricia McConnico

Not too long after I graduated from UT, I went back to play the part of Macbeth at Hogg Auditorium. I wanted to see how somebody like that—a verified homicidal psychopathic murderer—behaved, so I went to the Austin State Hospital. The university set it up for me, and the warden…

Jason and Jeremy London

Apr 30, 1999 By Patricia McConnico

Jason: I got my first movie role the summer of my junior year. Jeremy wanted to go to this audition in Dallas for The Man in the Moon, and he talked me into driving him. I didn’t want to go because I had a date with my girlfriend, but I…

Joe Morgan

Apr 1, 1999 By Patricia McConnico

My grandfather was still alive when I played my first season in the Astrodome. He came to a game with some of my relatives, and I hit a home run. That’s something I’ll never forget. My grandfather was such a big, big baseball fan. When I was a kid,…

The Ex Files

Feb 1, 1999 By Patricia McConnico

David Halberstam My father was stationed in El Paso at Biggs Field, which would later become a huge air base. You could see all these planes that were lined up, the bombers that were going to be used. I loved El Paso; it was so different from growing up in…

Michael Martin Murphey

Jan 1, 1999 By Patricia McConnico

When I was seventeen, I didn’t have a band; I pretty much performed either by myself or with a bass player. I often played at a coffeehouse I started called the Windjammer. It was down on McKinney Avenue in Dallas, which was a really rough neighborhood at the time. One…

Phyllis George

Dec 1, 1998 By Patricia McConnico

My mother used to say, “Phyllis, settle down and smell the roses.” I was very busy. I went to church on Sundays, I was the president of the Methodist Youth Fellowship, I was a cheerleader, and for fourteen years I played classical piano. Growing up in Denton was a very…

Disc Golf

Jan 1, 1997 By Patricia McConnico

Feeling a little subpar? Stuck in a mental bunker? The Ben Crenshaw Golf Screen Saver (ProTour Productions, $19.95) will drive away the blues. This lively program contains more than 25 images of important moments in Crenshaw�s life that pop up on your computer whenever it is idle; select your favorite…