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The Ten Greatest Texas Documentaries

Mar 10, 2013 By Paul Stekler

When Texas Monthly created a list of the ten best movies about Texas, they chose to not include documentaries. What gives? So now, just in time for SXSW, a list that applauds the films about the true stories of Texas.

Cold Cash

Jul 31, 2009 By Paul Stekler

Convicted congressman William Jefferson owes this former pollster money. Something tells me I'm not going to collect.

Vote for Kinky (the film)!

Mar 1, 2009 By Paul Stekler

Every March in Austin, the South by Southwest festival rolls out another hundred-plus films and what seems to be a thousand bands from almost as many countries. This weekend highlights film and the interactive world. You can spot the out-of-town independent filmmakers, walking in the vicinity of the Convention Center…