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Blues at His Fingertips

Aug 31, 1983 By Pepi Plowman

Bluesman Stevie Ray Vaughan showcases his powerhouse guitar on a nationally released record. Also on new LPs are fellow Texans, from country king George Jones to Austin cutups the Big Boys.

The Sphinx Who Sings

May 31, 1983 By Pepi Plowman

Austin blueswoman Angela Strehli is an enigma, but there’s no secret to her success: she writes great material and sings it with unbeatable style.

Thunder Claps

Feb 1, 1983 By Pepi Plowman

The Fabulous Thunderbirds storm away on a new album that shows why they’re Texas’ hardiest rhythm and blues band. Eight more releases capture everything from mandolin picking to Balinese monkey chants.

Twelve-Pack To Go

May 31, 1982 By Pepi Plowman

A dozen new releases by everyone from the late, legendary Janis Joplin to rising star Rodney Crowell to perennial favorite Waylon Jennings.