Peter Applebome

Articles by Peter Applebome

Between Two Worlds

Jan 1, 1985 By Peter Applebome

Jay Hamon spent much of his life caught between the Dallas society world of his parents and the world of the black woman with whom he fell in love. He dies without ever resolving his dilemma.

Little D

Jul 31, 1984 By Peter Applebome

No one will ever hold a political convention in Dallas, Scotland. And that’s only one of the things that make it great.

Just Friends

Apr 30, 1984 By Peter Applebome

The story of Lenell Geter’s release from prison is unfinished without the tale of the conservative engineers who stuck their necks out to help a friend in trouble.

Perfect Texas

Mar 1, 1984 By Peter Applebome

There’s no point in grousing about Texas’ minor shortcomings. Why not just roll up our sleeves and make it perfect once and for all?