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Nov 1, 1983 By Peter Applebome

Texas: land of contrast. That’s why we have double-barreled businesses like a feedstore cum twirling school or a combo junkyard-wildlife preserve.

Catcher of the Awry

Aug 31, 1983 By Peter Applebome

Frederick Barthelme’s Moon Deluxe is a collection of cockeyed tales about stucco camels, supermarket sec and other modern curiosities. In Short Circuit Michael Mewshaw finds fault with the nasty world of professional tennis. The urban vignettes of Laura Furman’s Watch Time Fly range from skillful to so-so.

Texas Monthly Reporter

Jul 31, 1983 By Peter Applebome

A tale of tree cities in the Panhandle; upscale fitness at the new Dallas Y; a return to those thrilling days of yesteryear with Riders in the Sky; another new plan to unclog Houston’s arteries.

Texas Monthly Reporter

May 31, 1983 By Peter Applebome

Hard times in Port Arthur; the lost art of nasty correspondence lives on in Big Spring; the woes of Kathy Whitmire; the Newlywed Game comes to Midland; gloves off in the book business.

Texas Monthly Reporter

Apr 30, 1983 By Peter Applebome

Taking stock of the Dallas mayoral election; defrocking the Legislature’s worst bills; buying stocks in the Trans-Pecos; unlocking the mysteries of the Arklatex; rocking the boat in Odessa.

Texas Monthly Reporter

Apr 1, 1983 By Peter Applebome

Times are tough in Laredo; specialty advertisers are unveiled in Dallas; some very old bones stir things up in Leander; a wild turkey comes back to West Texas; newspapers go wild in San Antonio.

Texas Monthly Reporter

Mar 1, 1983 By Peter Applebome

Pecos bucks for the title of world’s oldest rodeo; medical students make us pay now so they can make us pay later; Ground Zero radiates good, atomic fun; Texas’ jails get slammed; Fort Worth’s namesake languishes among Yankees.

Texas Monthly Reporter

Jan 1, 1983 By Peter Applebome

Two newspapers in search of nothing in particular; a fish story with a happy ending; an eleven-letter word for “crossword puzzle whiz”; the cutting edge of Corpus Christi’s minority politics.