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Texas Monthly Reporter

Dec 1, 1982 By Peter Applebome

Sundown’s up and Morton’s down: Dallas is Texas’ most mental city; the Spurs are Texas’ most schizophrenic team; the Aggies are ushering in brave new world; Fort Worth is fixing to challenge Detroit.

Texas Monthly Reporter

Jun 30, 1982 By Peter Applebome

A job crunch hits Odessa; an all-business mayor shakes up El Paso; the Rangers fold (again); a Houston homeowner wars with his neighborhood association; grads commemorate an all-black high school.

Texas Monthly Reporter

Apr 1, 1982 By Peter Applebome

The countdown begins in the Dallas newspaper fight; Victor Garza is going your way--if you’re going to Laredo; one of Houston’s legal monoliths cracks; Clements has a lukewarm record, but the Democratic challengers aren’t so hot, either.

Texas Monthly Reporter

Mar 1, 1982 By Peter Applebome

Private eyes are peeled for oil thieves; Lightnin’ Hopkin’s death left Houston singin’ the blues; Zenter’s steakhouses hoof it across Texas; folks are MADD as hell about DWI; Places Rated Almanac flunks the rating game.