Richard West

Feature |
November 1, 1989

So You’re Stuck at the Airport

Your jet’s lagging. You’re sick of reading and people-watching. Cheer up: just a gate away might be great chili, a shopping mall, or even a place to pray.

Community |
February 1, 1988

Called to Care

A friend’s illness propelled a Baptist minister from a life or though to a life of action.

Being Texan |
March 1, 1980

An American Family

Pedro Martínez, with only his Mexican heritage, a determination to work hard, and a desire for a better life, brought his family across the Rio Grande to fine a home in a new land.

Feature |
November 1, 1979

Funky Hotels

Why subject yourself to the dreariness of impersonal, prefab hotels when these country hostelries are just down the road?

Feature |
August 31, 1979

Honey, You’re Still Driving Me Crazy

Wise up: that insipid supermarket sugar-water you’ve been putting on your toast isn’t honey. The real stuff—Texas honey—is as full-bodied and distinctive as the nectars that go into it.

Feature |
July 31, 1979

Paradise Lost

The sand, the surf, the shorebirds, the dunes…everyone loves the beach at Port Aransas. We may just love it to death.

News & Politics |
February 1, 1979

Only the Strong Survive

“There are two things to remember about the ghetto that is Houston’s Fifth Ward. One, evil usually triumphs over good. Two, in spite of that, most of its residents retain a goodness that proves indestructible.”

Feature |
May 31, 1978

Happy Trails To You

Forget the San Jacinto Monument and the Alamo. Here are trails that will lead you to Lee Harvey Oswald’s can opener, tranquil country cemeteries, the world’s largest jackrabbit, peanut butter pie, and even more.

Texas History |
April 1, 1978

The Petrified Forest

Behind the pine curtain of deep East Texas is a world trapped in the past and hidden from the future: lush woods, poor whites, the descendants of slaves, and an aristocracy still breathing the rarefied air of the Old South.

News & Politics |
July 31, 1976

Texas Monthly Reporter

PEOPLE The red-hot rumor, blazing from mouth to mouth in Dallas recently, had longtime radio programming genius Gordon McLendon raising $2 million for a group of Dallas investors to buy WRR-AM, the city-owned, all-news station that’s up for sale. Not so, says son Bart McLendon, manager of McLendonowned KNUZ-FM in