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NIGHTMARE ON KIRBY DRIVE! The Largest Critter in Texas Served Up on Halloween

Nov 1, 2011 By Robin Barr Sussman

“Fred,” (Freddy Krueger?) a monstrous 10-foot long, 4-foot tall armadillo was spotted on Halloween night at the Armadillo Palace and attracted swarms of onlookers. The critter was made with 300 hundred pounds of powdered sugar, 250 blocks of cream cheese, 250 blocks of butter, and 472 red velvet sheet cakes covered with 300 pounds of chocolate and vanilla fondant. Only a pioneering Texas cake artist would attempt the elaborate task of creating the largest Red Velvet cake supposedly on record—and in the shape of an armadillo, to boot. “Goode Company and I had been plotting a benefit for the Houston Food Bank for years,” said cake artist Lisa Green of Santa Fe Catering and Kiss the Cook Cakes. The venerable 50-foot armor-plated armadillo mascot towering the roof of the Armadillo Palace inspired the giant cake, plus, Green added, it fit the mood for Halloween due to “the hideous nature of armadillos." She’s never attempted a cake so large that it required two days to construct and needed a site as cavernous as the Armadillo Palace for building. But no sweat: Green is known for creating life-size canoes and small helicopter cakes.

The Man in Red

Jun 7, 2010 By Robin Barr Sussman

You can’t miss him. The man in the red beret. Nope, he’s not a Frenchman … he’s our Texas wine guy, a colorful gentleman who never shies away from a good time. When the mood is right, you might even spot him wearing a purple suit. If you’ve been following…

Special Guest Female Winemaker Visits The Woodlands Wine & Food Week

Apr 30, 2010 By Robin Barr Sussman

Winemaker Sharon Fenchak <a href=""><img alt="" src="" border="0"></a>Title: <a href="">America's Best BBQ</a><img alt="" src="" border="0" width="1" height="1"><br>Author: <a href="">Ardie A. Davis</a> & <a href="">Paul Kirk</a><br>Published: 2009 by <a href="">Andrews McMeel Publishing </a><br><br>On this blog, I have documented my visits to over 160 BBQ joints.