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May 31, 2004 By Stacy Hollister

Dallas in the summertime has been called a lot of things—”heaven” has never been one of them. Of course, what isn’t written in stone may be disproved this month when guitar enthusiasts flock to Fair Park for the Crossroads Guitar Festival. The three-day, charity-benefiting rapture masterminded by Eric Clapton—go ahead,…


Apr 30, 2004 By Stacy Hollister

Technically, the masterminds behind Ballroom Marfa, a haven for contemporary art in West Texas, could have uncorked the celebratory grand-opening bubbly last fall, when they opened their spacious cultural center. But so much for technicalities. The official christening for this dance hall turned gallery begins with the April 23 opening…


Apr 1, 2004 By Stacy Hollister

PLAYTIMES It’s awesome April, baby—or so the colorfully alliterative Dick Vitale might say if he were to sum up this month’s sports lineup. Start in the Alamo City, which hosts this season’s marvelously maddening men’s NCAA Final Four. Sure, the semifinals on April 3 and the championship game on April…

Best Fests

Apr 1, 2004 By Stacy Hollister

Wham, Bam, Thank You, Spam Come April 3, Spam is taking over the capital of Texas. Austin’s Spamarama—a festival as infamous as the potted pork product that it celebrates—started 26 years ago as a joke and has grown over the years into a gonzo tribute to the gelatinous hunk…


Mar 1, 2004 By Stacy Hollister

BLUES CLUES Once in a blue moon, a blue-ribbon month like this comes along. And your true-blue friends at this magazine will talk till they’re blue in the face if that’s what it takes for you to notice. Sensing a theme? Yes, March is a blues-filled 31 days, so between…

On The Road

Feb 1, 2004 By Stacy Hollister

Eat! They Said In the game of Where To Eat When on the Road, the surprises behind doors 1, 2, and 3 really aren’t surprises at all. There’s your standard please-drive-forward-and-pick-up-at-the-window hamburger, your country-kitchen chicken-fried steak (which is sometimes simply shoe leather slopped with gravy), and your Italian bread…