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Feb 1, 2004 By Stacy Hollister

AUSTIN POWER Let me set you a scene, one I’ve participated in often during many a pleasantry-exchanging encounter: “So where are you from?” inquires a new acquaintance. “Austin,” I reply, with a smile on my face. “Oh, you must love it. Austin’s a great city.” Time and time again, I’ve…


Jan 1, 2004 By Stacy Hollister

PLAY DATE The last time I went to the theater? Well, that would have been for a production of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest—four years ago. I can hear the collective rolling over of dead playwrights in their graves upon an admission of such neglect. So, in the spirit…


Dec 1, 2003 By Stacy Hollister

BOWS TO HOLLEY Mark Holley confesses that interviews make him nervous. But the 44-year-old executive chef of Pesce, a seafood restaurant in Houston, is going to have to get used to the attention, especially if the accolades keep rolling in: My Table, the Bayou City’s foodie magazine, recently named…


Dec 1, 2003 By Stacy Hollister

‘TIS THE SEASON Don your gay apparel and fa-la-la-la-la your way to Dallas December 4-7 for a long weekend sure to make you jolly. On Thursday evening the Dallas Mavericks (yes, good things come in big packages too) take on the superstar-studded Los Angeles Lakers at the American Airlines Center.


Nov 1, 2003 By Stacy Hollister

NUMBER ONE FAN Some favor the celebrities of the big screen, others bow at the altars of superstar athletes. We, however, prefer master wordsmiths. Luckily for us, this month offers plenty of reasons to break out the Sharpie. Former first couple George and Barbara Bush host heavyweights Michael Beschloss, Christopher…


Sep 30, 2003 By Stacy Hollister

ARE WE THERE YET? If ever there was a time to go to Big Bend, the weekend of October 10-12 is it. Period. (Let us clarify: For the purposes of our conversation, “Big Bend” means the Marfa-Alpine-Marathon corridor.) On Friday, head to Marfa, and before you retire for the night,…

Happy Trails

Aug 31, 2003 By Stacy Hollister

Until I went biking at Caprock Canyons State Park and Trailway, I had never heard of the little town of Quitaque, where life is slow and people like it that way.

Word of Mouth

Aug 31, 2003 By Stacy Hollister

A GOOD SIGN After preparing for an academic career, Houston native Scott Tycer decided instead to do what he loved: cook. He set his sights on owning his own restaurant by age thirty, a feat he accomplished by thirty and a half. Three years later, Aries is thriving in Houston,…

A Great Weekend In Houston

Aug 31, 2003 By Stacy Hollister

CRASH COURSE True Renaissance men (or perhaps today we should say “Renaissance people”) spend years mastering their broad-ranging interests. But for us wannabes, the Bayou City offers a shortcut to enlightenment the weekend of September 19-21. Well-roundedness 101 starts on Friday with a lesson in art. The Blaffer Gallery examines…