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Happy Trails

Apr 30, 2003 By Stacy Hollister

Alpine, Marfa, and Fort Davis seemed like a different world—until I got there. I felt right at home in these West Texas cultural hot spots.

Best Fests

Apr 1, 2003 By Stacy Hollister

BERRY BLISS Sweet on strawberries? Join the club. Legend has it that an eighteenth-century French socialite was so fond of the luscious fruit that she would have twenty pounds of berries crushed just to bathe in their fragrant juices. (Do you suppose she rinsed off with cream?) In the…

Q&A with Michael Hull

Feb 1, 2003 By Stacy Hollister

In the spring of 1995, Austin lawyer and photography-enthusiast Michael Hull found himself in a self-described "interesting intersection in time"—or at least Texas time.